Hampton Court Gin

Misrule's Dirty Martini

Misrule's Dirty Martini

We're loving a savoury cocktail right now! And with the colder weather creeping in we can't think of any thing better than curling up with a classic Martini at the end of a long week...

Our cheeky Lord of Misrule lends itself so well to a good old Dirty Martini, with it's rich, spicy warmth balancing the crisp, subtle salty tang of the olive brine.

The best Martinis use super premium gin, like Misrule, to really showcase the botanicals alongside the dry vermouth, and a Dirty Martini adds a splash of olive brine to give an extra savoury hit.

If you can find lemon zest olives, this is a match made in heaven with Misrule's citrus botanicals, and a perfect compromise for those that can't decide between a lemon or olive Martini.

Tradition states an even number of olives is bad luck, but if you're feeling rebellious like His Lordship do as many as you like!

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