Hampton Court Gin

Hampton Court Gin

Award-winning, small-batch, hand-crafted spirits, inspired by the buzzing contemporary culture of Hampton Court, and 500 years of its history, including Henry VIII and his Six Wives.

Our spirits creatively blend aromatic botanicals with advanced modern distillation techniques and rich, historical storytelling.

Two critically acclaimed craft gins, and now a brand new Craft Spiced Rum...

The Six Wives Gin Label Illustration

The Six Wives

"Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived."

Inspired by the Six Wives of Henry VIII, with six distinctive botanicals, for an award-winning, elegant and aromatic, deliciously smooth, intriguingly complex and well-rounded gin.

Juniper. Orange. Thyme. Cubeb Berries. Bitter Almond. Grains of Paradise.

Serve with tonic, a slice of orange and sprig of thyme.

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Lord Of Misrule

Following a medieval tradition of mischief & mayhem, Lord of Misrule is a perfect mix of contradictions, refreshingly warming, simply complicated and delicately bold, for a silky smooth but curiously spicy gin.

Quince. Nutmeg. Cinnamon. Lemon. Mulberry. Ginger. Grains of Paradise. Cubeb Berries. Honey. Bitter Almond. Juniper.

Experiment with tonic, ginger ale and seasonal garnishes for the perfect serve all year round.

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The Father

New for 2023, our craft spiced rum, The Father, celebrating Henry VIII's pivotal role in establishing the Royal Navy, and love of importing exotic foods and spices.

The Father is a dulcet, warm and rounded spiced Caribbean rum, macerated with Sweet Potato, Quince, Pomegranate, Ginger, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Allspice.

Serve over ice, with ginger ale and fresh lime or in your favourite cocktail.

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The Classic Wife

The Six Wives with R-chi Classic Sparkling iced tea, with lemon and fresh mint...

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The Earl of Misrule

Lord of Misrule craft gin and R-chi Earl Grey sparking iced tea with blackcurrant...

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King Bee

The Father spiced rum, with R-chi Manuka sparkling iced tea with
ginger, turmeric and lemon…

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