Hampton Court Gin

On Limited Release, Lord of Misrule, is a lovingly created, small-batch, hand-crafted English Gin.

Inspired by Tudor traditions of mischief and mayhem over the festive period, Lord of Misrule is a perfect mix of contradictions, refreshingly warming, simply complicated, delicately bold, for a silky smooth and curiously spicy gin.

Every Christmas Henry VIII and his Nobles would appoint a Lord Of Misrule, deliberately chosen from the lower classes, reversing the position of King and servant for 12 days. His title gave him complete authority over the Court’s raucous feasts, opulent masquerades and wild partying… Culminating in the Feast of Fools. Click here for ideas of festive games and revelry.

Our aromatic botanicals are inspired by those that would have featured in this epic festive feast.  Quince. Nutmeg. Cinnamon. Lemon. Mulberry. Ginger. Grains of Paradise. Cubeb Berries. Honey. Bitter Almond. Juniper.

Serve with your favourite tonic or ginger ale, garnished with a shard of cinnamon.


42% vol