Hampton Court Gin

The Father Spiced Rum


Our golden craft spiced rum, inspired by Henry VIII's pivotal role in establishing the Royal Navy, and his love of importing exotic foods and spices...


During his reign, Henry grew his fleet from just 2 warships to an intimidating armada. He designed the first gun ports, improving ship stability and quadrupling crew numbers. He built dockyards at Greenwich, became the world’s largest importer of rum, created the Admiralty and in 1546 he formally established the Royal Navy, firmly cementing his place in history as… The Father.

Henry’s ultimate indulgence was Sweet Potato and Quince pie. He sent ships to wife Katherine of Aragon’s native Spain to maintain regular supplies of sweet potato, but their divorce forced him to send his ships further afield, returning with even more exotic fruits and spices.

The Father is a dulcet, warm and rounded spiced Caribbean rum, macerated with Sweet Potato, Quince, Pomegranate, Ginger, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Allspice.

Serve on the rocks or with ginger ale and a squeeze of fresh lime.

43%vol  / 70cl