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The Perfect Gift For Father's Day

The Perfect Gift For Father's Day

Don't forget Father's Day 20th June 2021!

Dads can be notoriously tricky to buy for, and they normally already have all the socks, jumpers, nose hair trimmers and sports autobiographies they'll ever need... 

So why not give them the gift of gin this year?

The Six Wives from Hampton Court Gin, has everything your dad could ever want: Six Distinctive Botanicals patiently distilled 22 times to give a deliciously smooth, intriguingly complex and well-rounded gin, the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history of Hampton Court, the notorious lifestyle of Henry VIII and his six wives, a beautiful bottle to display in your drinks cabinet, and the chance to introduce your friends to a brand-new, small-batch, hand-crafted English Gin. And who doesn't love showing off - ahem - I mean sharing the knowledge of a delicious new discovery to their gin loving friends.

Basking in your pioneering glory - the best present a Dad could ever get.

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